Front loading or rear loading, ALTONE Multimatrix with quality cam locks, duplicate keys, key tags and self adhesive identification stickers.


Constructed from 6060-T5 aluminium extrusion and sheet aluminium the ALTONE Multimatrix is a strong secure, light weight, low maintenance personalised mailbox design that is attractively finished to suit your building decor requirements.

Size & Configuration

Available in 5 different configurations, each module can be loaded from the front or the rear and accessed from the front. Each module has the same external dimensions with different door sizes for different configurations. The 5 standard configurations are as follows:

  • 5 high x 6 wide – small door
  • 4 high x 4 wide – medium door
  • 4 high x 2 wide – large door
  • 2 high x 1 wide – mail/parcel bin
  • 2 high x 2 wide – double parcel bin

Available in an array of powder coat colours to complement any architectural style or inrerior/exterior decor and provides additional protection from the environment.

Identification Stickers

Include in each module are UV resistant black numerical self adhesive identification stickers.

Modules to meet your specifications

For unusual applications special size modules and configurations can be fabricated to suit your needs.

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